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    Thread: Forum Buying/Selling Guidelines

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      Forum Buying/Selling Guidelines

      Based on Feedback from users:

      We have created a new FORUM called WEEKLY SPONSOR SPECIALS. This is where the sponsors can post their weekly deals, special purchases, etc.

      That way there is a separation from the Private Party Livestock and Equipment. Therefore, anyone that is commericially oriented should be posting in the new area (Blue Usernames).

      SDReefs is a FREE SITE for all Members. Members choose to become Premium, Advanced Hobbyist, or Sponsors for various reasons. Some however just take advantage of it...If you are an aspiring business or advanced hobbyist, you should be at a minimum, a premium member to continually sell new products or frags. That way we can continue to provide all members with a functional site, great bandwidth, give-a-ways, and more.

      As a Seller you should remain consistent with your message, stick to your post details, provide as many pictures as possible and reach out to buyers immediately if there are any changes in your terms.

      Buyers, beware and do your homework. Check the item out, plug it in if possible, why can't I plug it in? How long have you had it? Why are you selling it? If you don't get straight or clear answers, then maybe don't buy it. If the price is lower than normal ask why? Bulbs break all the time. Seller's should insist a Buyer see's the item working prior to sale. There is an anonymous element to open Forums and if something is too good to be true, check it out first. Check out the person's FEEDBACK in the FEEDBACK SECTION or ping someone you know on the board before you buy.

      These are personal transactions not under the control of SanDiegoReefs. If any fraudulent activity occurs please contact us immediately. If your agreement terms are not met or broken, that discussion should be via PM or email and is between buyer and seller and out of our control.

      Use the FEEDBACK FORUM and please be responsible with your choice of wording.

      Private Party Sales
      are intended to be just that. Often these transactions are between two hobbyists to either help someone out with an uneeded item or just reach out with good will to existing members with a great price. Anyone making that type of purchase with the intention to resell that item should be forewarned that we do not support or intend to maintain that type of activity by members. Please report those users to the webmaster.

      UPDATE: Remember if you have SOLD your item, you can EDIT your original post, GO ADVANCED, and change the PREFIX to "SOLD"...

      Thank you!
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      Doing the best we can for and our Reefing Community.

      Have you read the post: Etiquette for newbies?

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