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    Thread: Aqua SD Weekly Fish/Invert List

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      Aqua SD Weekly Fish/Invert List

      Hey everyone. I am thinking we are going to start posting our weekly update of fish/inverts for everyone here. Feel free to call us and ask about availibility on specialty fish/inverts and we can let you know if we can source them and get them in for you.

      List includes:

      2x s.m Diamond Goby's
      3x s. yellow watchman goby's
      2x s. Longnose Hawkfish
      3x Red Firefish Goby
      1x s. Sailfin Tang
      5x Anemone crabs
      2x Arrow Crabs
      200x Mixed red/blue leg hermits
      5x ml. Cleaner Shrimp
      3x xl. Cleaner Shrimo
      3 sm. Fire Shrimp
      3x ml. Fire Shrimp
      3x Tiger Pistol Shrimp
      100x Mexican Turbo Snails
      100X nassarius Snails
      10X Tiger Sand Conch's
      50X Trochus Snails

      Please feel free to call for any questions and hope to see you here

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      A top off of fish and inverts arrived today!
      • Firefish Goby
      • Green Mandarin Goby
      • Yellow Watchman
      • Flame Hawk
      • Longnose Hawk
      • Powder Brown Surgeon
      • Porcelain Crab
      • Candy Stripe Pistol
      • Astrea Snail
      • Nassarius Sand Snail (Large)
      • Tiger Sand Conch
      • Tiger Turbo Snail

      Also loaded up on frozen foods as well currently, and fresh batch of Live Brine is also available for this weekend!

      Reminder, we're now open 7 days a week, 10a - 6p.

      Thanks everyone!

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