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    Thread: What is this and how do I get rid of it?

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      What is this and how do I get rid of it?

      Hoping someone can Id this, and a remedy would make my year! They are like little tiny splitting/sporing stalks made of spider web type material.

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      Is it possible that it’s bryopsis and something is sort of picking at part of the algae?

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      BADCHEV is offline Registered User
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      Not sure what it is, cut the red/green and white light for a few weeks, bigger water changes might starve it away.?😥

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      PatientZero is online now Registered User
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      I get that in low flow protected area, like under frag racks. Do you have any herbivore fish in that system? I’d be surprised Ind a tank didn’t wipe it out. Otherwise rubbing your hand over or a manic eraser should clean it off easily

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      Drama D is offline Premium Member
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      Nov 2013
      Possibly hydroids?? I had some whitish clear tree branch looking growth a few years back that looked similar to above, turned out they were hydroids. I got a tuxedo urchin and it ate them all.
      The lynx nudibranch and flameback angel eat them, also you can try hydrogen peroxide treatment, 1ml per 10g 30 mins after lights out. Another treatment is fenbendazole. It can harm inverts and will kill other types of worms that eat detritus. This can cause an ammonia spike if not removed, so I'd use with caution but supposedly works. Hope this helps
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