I purchased this used sump due to its size and to go with my eventual tank upgrade that is no longer in the plans, but I would still like to use it on my new 80g build. It is
48x 20x 20 with the following dims:
First chamber 20 x 15.5 (includes 12x15.5 skimmer area and 8x15.5 for drain and 2 filter socks)
Middle chamber: 20 x 17 wanted to have this as refugium
Third chamber: 20 x 8 return.

I started using it back in March of 2020 when COVID forced me to bring home my classroom tank and start up a 90g display.

The way the baffles are installed, they keep the water level about 1.5 inches from the top of the entire length of sump until return section. I really would like to have the water level in the middle section lower just for more room for water in case a power outage and more water agitation.

Is there a way I can modify these baffles w/o damaging the sump. If so, is it just the two baffles in the refugium section and the very last baffle in the return section that would need modifying? I'm thinking I can probably cut them down, but I've never worked with acrylic and probably don't have tools/bits to do this. I can also probably cut "slits" or drill holes at the height I want in the baffles, but again not sure if tools/bits and speed.

Apologies for the photos of the dirty condition, but first 2 are first set of baffles and second 2 photos are second set of baffles.

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