Well we left California for Prescott Arizona this year, we miss some great reef friends, carne asada, carnitas and ocean fishing and the Hawaiian style home we sold but Prescott has some scenery including local raccoons, bobcats, deer and javelina with rare mountain lions and bears that wander into the area since we border the national forest. I'm starting a new pond dig as I took the turtles from San Diego except the giant sulcatta that we had to rehome as it snows here enough that he may not do well.

Here is the pond kit and most of the hole is dug for the installation so my turtles can acclimate before winter and this pond gets game fish instead of koi like trout and maybe sunfish and rock bass. https://www.halfoffponds.com/pond-po...-kit-p/mp8.htm

Ill try and post a build thread in a few weeks and I am incubating some painted turtle eggs and box turtle eggs that were laid this summer that I may have pictures of soon as well.