One of our clients is moving and the new home owner does not want the aquarium that is on site.
Beautiful Custom tank and cabinetry - Installed in 11/2017
95 Gallon Custom ACRYLIC Aquarium - Vertical Bow front // Built in Black Prefilter/Overflow Centered on Back wall. Solid Black Built in Background // Tank Dimensions (36" x 15-18" x 36" Tall) 39" Tall 2" Tubular Steel Stand with 3/4" Plywood Deck- 2 -Part Marine Grade Epoxy Coated, Curved Steel Bow Front 36"

36 Inch Current USA StripLight
Bio-Fil 2 Wet/Dry Boxes with Biological Filter media. (24 x 12.5 x 16).
In-Sump Protein Skimmer - Filtration Rating: up to 250 Gallons
In-Sump Return Pump - Return Pump - 1800GPH
250W Submersible Heater with adjustable thermostat
Digital Thermometer
email - for pictures and more info.