Hello friends,

Decided to get another IM Fusion Nuvo PRO 10 AIO During the holidays. Thought I share some pictures of the tank with you guys. Iíll put a description of equipment and corals down below⬇️

The tank was set up on January 2, 2020
Tank did not go trough a cycle, I ended up getting established water from my IM 50 Lagoon. I ended also moving some of my corals over. Plans on my 50 lagoon Iíll post on my other post. (Nem dominated&#129323


3 medium Premium pieces of live Rock. (Petco)

10lbs of Hawaii black sand. (Magnetic can scratch glass if not careful)

One turbo snail and one hermit crab. (Adding more)


Dying sun (Acan Lords) I came up with that name.

Rainbow (Acan Lords)

Gold rainbow (Acan Lords)

Purple Hearts (Acan Lords) Came up with name.

Orange passion (Acan Lords) Came up with name.

Holy Grail Micromussa (Need to move over from the 50 need to make sure I have space.

Micromussa (No name)

Red blastos

Asd Tyre Sun fungia plate coral (Bright!)

Orange Nephea tree coral (Rare) The guy I got it from got in Colorado.

Gorgonia pink

Super red shrooms

Asd Pink Devil Shroom

Candy Crush Shroom? (I think thatís the name)

Jawbreaker tie dye Shroom

Sunkist Shroom

Iron man Shroom( Has a cool green stripe)


IM Nuvo Fusion 10 PRO AIO
Screen top
MightyJet Dc Return pump(Dead silent)
IM MicroMag
AquaMaxx Prism 300 Led fixture( Very strong light)
Coralife Mini T5( Havenít decided if Iíll keep on the tank.
IM Media caddy basket
Coralife Digital thermometer
Eheim Jager 50W Heater

Media filtration-

ChemiPure elite
PhosGuard by Seachem
Filter floss


RedSea Trace-Colors
Vibrant (Minor algae issues)
Calcium and Alk not dosing at the moment water changes should be enough 2 gallons once a week.

I think thatís all at this moment, Iíll update this post as the tank matures or if I make any changes to it.

Thanks, Happy Reefing Keep moving forward.