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    Thread: Marine velvet? Help

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      trixxx619 is offline Registered User
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      Mar 2017

      Marine velvet? Help

      Well, tank has been established over a year now and has been very stable over the last 6 months. Everything doing great.

      I purchased an angel about 2-3 weeks ago. Over the last few weeks been nothing but hell.
      Lost a fish out of nowhere. Then my Midas blenny is fine one day, next day pale and on the ground with cloudy eyes and dead within hours

      I then notice my angel and both my clowns not as active, pale,, and almost like a white dust on them, not ich.

      I test tank. Everything is perfect

      I pull them all out of DT and put them into QT with cupramine and melafix. Angel doesn’t make it through the night. One clown dies in a day. Last clown is still covered in dust but active and eating. Leopard wrasse has no issues.

      Currently treating main tank with Polylab Medic which has great reviews.
      Fish still in QT.

      Any ideas? Suggestions?

      This sucks

      Again, symptoms are: pale color, whitish “dust” on fish, cloudy eyes, inactive

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      nanoreef1 is offline Registered User
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      San Marcos
      Try this should work.

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      oceanslide is offline Registered User
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      Mar 2015
      Sorry that really sucks! Any photos of the fish

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      Drama D is offline Premium Member
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      Nov 2013
      Immediate copper treatment! Uv sterilizer will help as well.

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      trixxx619 is offline Registered User
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      Mar 2017
      Yes they are in quarantine now. I think I’ll start quarantining all fish prior to putting in main tank.
      Should I treat the quarantine with copper with healthy fish before putting in?

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