One of my close old school friends is the owner of San Diego Bullies and breeds high quality French Bulldogs. Currently there is a few pups available but a new litter was just born.

Descriptions such as color, gender, date of birth and parents are all noted. We have new litters of puppies every 1-3 months depending on seasonality so please continue to check in.

Prices for our puppies vary depending on coat color and genetics. In general, our standard color Frenchies such as fawn, cream and brindle start at $3,000 for pet homes. Our exotic color puppies such as blue/gray and chocolate start at $5,000 for pet homes. Lilac or merle puppies start at $7,000 for pet homes.

Check out their website:

Let me know if you are interested and I will set up a group buy
discounted price for everyone.