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    Thread: Hello and a question

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      Hello and a question

      Bank in the tank game after about an almost 10 year break. Looks like things have changed since. I had a couple questions that seem to not have any definitive answers. One being about flow. I currently have a sump and the return moves the water, this is a 55 gallon fowlr. I recently added a 800 gph power head and I'm wondering if it might be too much for the tank. I turned it off last night when lights went out hoping the fish would be able to rest. Didn't seem to mind it during the day but looked like my clowns couldn't find a place to rest. Second question is lighting. I got the fluval aquasky and was wondering opinions on moonlight. I have my moonlight shut off around midnight then 6 hours of dark. Just seems to me when moonlight is on they still swim around and don't rest. If i check on them in the dark after moonlight goes out they are sleeping. So moonlight keeping them up?

      Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll talk to ya soon!

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      Welcome back.

      Well, I have a 60 gal. but it is wider and narrower in width. Maybe yours is more shorter and squarer. I am running a koralia 3g 1950gph on the front left and a 1350gph on the rear right. They 1950 was pretty strong so I went to a 1350 for the back, but enough flow to carry the water to the end of the aquarium. Put pumps are positioned centered. So my fishes swim and sleep either underneath the power head, on top of the power head, or in between rocks. The clown fishes like to swim against the current too for fun.

      In order to save money on the electricity bill, the blues are on from 7pm-2am and whites are on from 8pm-1am. I guess the fish are now used to sleeping throughout the morning and noon and wake up when they see the lights come on. They are the most active when the lights turn on for me.

      This is just my experience.

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      DuckDive is offline Registered User
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      Mar 2019
      San Diego
      So it sounds like you're pushing a lot more water around than I am. I think I'll go ahead and leave it on full time and see how it works out. I guess last question would be if the flow is going in a circle around the tank is that bad? should I aim it more at the glass so it disburses better? I read a if it goes in a circle its not great for your tank. Thanks for your response.

      (55 gallon fowlr)

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