Hey guys,

So I am new to this whole chaeto reactor thing...and basically chaeto in general! I bought a chaeto reactor not too long ago from another reefer here.

Basically, my tank has only been up for a couple months and everything in it is doing great (fish and coral). Ammonia, nitrite, and phosphate are zeroed out and nitrates are 5. I have a nyos skimmer that produces zero micro bubbles. I have my chaeto reactor connected to a manifold from my main return pump.

My problem is...every 4 to 5 seconds, large bubbles come through the reactor and make a slurp sound. There are ZERO bubbles or micro bubbles in the return portion of the sump and no bubbles coming into the DT, even when i shut the valve to the chaeto reactor.
There are no leaks anywhere so my question is, where the hell are these bubbles coming from and how do i make this slurp stop!!!!