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    Thread: Lowballing and pulling fast ones

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      Quote Originally Posted by jcal View Post
      When I lived in Mira Mesa last year, I had a friend gave my number to someone interested in a few things i was getting rid off. We communicated and we made a deal. Then when he arrived at my place and ready to swap, he said he had to stop by a gas station for gas and had only $5 left from the $20 sale, (in my mind, ***???) told him nicely there's an ATM down the hill. Still had the original deal sold at $20 with him......but dam...
      he thought you were covering gas and perdiem lol
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      Quote Originally Posted by CMD2213 View Post
      he thought you were covering gas and perform lol
      LOL, it really top the lowball list of all scenario's I encountered. The member lives in Chula Vista.

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      While Iíve run into the ď not enough cash on me peopleĒ,
      ( who I politely inform that not enough cash = no dice!)
      On the other hand, just a week ago I posted a doser & was asking $110.00. The buyer who was at my home ready to buy but he only had twenties equaling $120.00
      He then asked me if I had change and that if I didnít, he would just pay the $120.00! I was so impressed that I scraped up $10.00 for his change!
      I thought this was an upstanding reefer that I was pleased to do business with!
      Just so everyone knows, I think his user name is HNH?
      Real stand up guy!

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      What about the complete opposite ???
      I just PM'd a dude selling a fish tank a few nights ago, asked him for location and asking price (neither one posted anywhere) but the pic of the tank has a price tag and a sale tag clearly visible. He responded giving me a ridiculous asking price. I responded telling him the price tags were visible and said I had hoped he wasn't going to "go there" and said "thanks anyways" .
      Spent the remainder of the night arguing with this keyboard warrior talking ish to me because I wouldn't/couldn't pay or negotiate properly . Apparently he knows me and I have no job no money !

      I understand people have the right to try to turn a profit on their items , but if its something anyone of us could go anywhere and buy the item for its actual retail price and you admit that you are trying to rip people off because you think you can is laughable !!! (I have it all in PM's)
      He called me a "tattle tale" when I threatened to post his PM's.

      I don't like to have my 2 year old join date fool people , I am a former member that left and came back with a new username/profile. Ive been around a while ! Ive seen ,heard and delt with it all !

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