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    Thread: Terrible experience trying to buy a fish from BlueHippo

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      Quote Originally Posted by jetli1969 View Post
      lol I think blue hippo is sushi, because looks at how many posts sushi put in this thread. I counted 17 posts on this thread.
      In my opinion blue hippo is sushi, no questions about it!
      +1 I’ve thought it all along

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      Quote Originally Posted by christ1991 View Post
      Ive been calling him, texting him. He is a straight scam artist. It's been almost a month now I pre paid for these seahorses and I we schedule 3 pick ups he flaked all three times. Now he is no where to be found. He said he would return my money, he did not. And from what it sounds like he was able to get a box shipped but not Venmo some money back.
      That's rough man, maybe the guy above who had a good experience with him can try to contact him for you? When I dealt with him he said he lived in El Cajon but who actually knows what the truth is at this point......

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      Quote Originally Posted by Mark82 View Post
      Hey guys. Iíve been following this thread cause I had bought some coral from bluehippo. Iím just gonna give my experience with him. I posted a thread looking for coral and received a pm from him. We text back n forth and agreed on certain pieces and price. When it came time for payment he actually suggested if I felt more comfortable paying just shipping charges first and remainder when I received the coral. But me being in this community and my experience with other reefers I submitted full payment. Hereís the only issue we had, when it came time for shipping fedex wasnít guaranteeing next day. I believe this was due to the fires and interstate being close. And at this time Iím seeing this thread here on SD reefs so Iím starting to get skeptical. I text and he always responded and let me know what was going on. He apologized about the delay and even asked if I would like a refund. We agreed for the package to be sent out Monday the 11th. He told me he would throw in some frags for the inconvenience. Sunday afternoon I received tracking info for my package. Shipping label was printed. Monday I receive pics of frags in shipping box getting ready for shipment. Finally today is scheduled delivery day and guess what?....
      Package arrived with freebie frags, everything looked good. So thanks Blue hippo for my experience with you. Got a good deal on some nice pieces. I took the time to write this to share my experience. I got everything I paid for and more. The person I dealt with was polite and considerate. But thatís my experience. Hope everything works out for everyone and happy reefing
      I might be asking for too much here but if you are on good terms with the guy, why not text him with interest or call him directly to see if you can get in contact with him. Im sure theres a few people here that have been burned that arent trying to get physical, but still want a solution to his debts owed!

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      Quote Originally Posted by FreshSaltH2o View Post
      +1 I’ve thought it all along
      LOL! I am not sure if you actually think that, but if so...
      Click here to view my Raspberry Pi Aquarium Controller!

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