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    Thread: Scripps Water : Google Map, Quality, Transport

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      Is the information on this first two post still valid?

      Specifically, the water parameters in the 2nd post.

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      Maybe I'm insane but being a noob at saltwater tanks, But I go to Scripps/Birch every week and get a 30 gal barrel. Got a 18v cordless ryobe water transfer pump and a hose specifically for this. drain and fill 30 gal of the 130 gal tank.
      Life is thriving for 6 months now. Corals have doubled and trippled in size. Fish and crustachions all loving life. I tested it every day at first, then weekly...with that 30 gal swap I feel I'm wasting my time testing it as it comes up almost perfectly every time. I havn't cleaned my filter ever. I don't want to mess with the balance of it all. Glass stays clean and the snails mop up the debris. What am I doing wrong that feels SO RIGHT. lol.

      Mother natures real good at mixing the water up right. Add a little magnesium for the coral we don't have here and give time for the temp on the barrel to match the tank..then swap em.

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      Ran water parameter checks against the water from today's pickup. 1st time using this water so I did a full check minus mag.

      ammonia .25ppm
      nitrite 0ppm
      nitrate 0ppm
      phosphate .10ppm (eyeballed, not 0 but not .25 either)
      calcium 340
      alkalinity 7dkh
      mag - not tested
      salinity - 1.024
      PH 7.8

      I'm a bit hesitant to throw this into my tank even with a dosing system just due to the swing it might cause. i keep dkh around 9, calc at 420 and mag 1300+ with a salinity of 1.026 (sometimes dropping down or up .001).

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