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Welcome to SDR!

Welcome to our newest member

  1. pinoyreef
    Im hoping that our group get larger. Thanks to our newest group member HBOMB1. Welcome and I hope we can help you setting up a reef soon.
  2. HBOMB1
    Thanks Bro, you've been very helpful with the advice. I know soon... Hahaha
  3. pinoyreef
    We got couple of new members that I want to welcome to this group. "Welcome phillyblunt and Fishface1".
    I want to add you guys to my friend list so if you guys need help you can always ask me or open a new topic for this forum and share it to everyone. So we can all try to solve the problems or questions about the reef
    Thank you for joining us
  4. pinoyreef
    Thank you all for joining. Once we hit the minimum 30 members, we should start doing a family fun day.
    Once again, Thank you guys,
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