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Meet and Greet?

  1. vikinglord13
    Do any of you guys in the Oceanside/San Marcos/Vista/Carlsbad area want to get together over dinner/beers to chat and get to know one another? I'd say discussion doesn't have to be reef related.
  2. Jega
    I just found this group but I would absolutely love to! I live in San Marcos myself, me and my girlfriend were talking about trying to get some of the local community over for dinner and beers!
  3. cbadreefer
    my girlfriend and i would also be down. we live in la costa, carlsbad
  4. vikinglord13
    Anybody else interested in getting together? I don't mind meeting with just a few if people are interested.
  5. vikinglord13
    Who is going to the SDMA meeting at Chilli's at 7:00 pm on the 22d
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