View Full Version : THE LIST [New Freshwater and Saltwater Arrivals from 09.27]

Vets Pets
09-28-2016, 01:40 PM
Saltwater Fish:

BiColor Angel
Navarchus Angel
Blue Green Chromis (30)
Yellowtail Blue Damsel (5)
Kole Tang (2)
Male Bluejaw Trigger
Twelve Line Wrasse
Black Bar Soldier
Picasso Trigger (2)
Dogface Puffer
Ocellaris Clown (2)
Kleins Butterfly
Black and White Heniochus
Orange Anthias (2)
Rusty Angel
Blue Face Angel
Coral Beauty
Multibarred Angel
Yellow Tail Angel
Red Dot Cardinal (10)
Black Percula
Marroon Clown (2)
Tomato Clown (3)
Green Wolf Eel
Green Mandarin Dragonet (3)
Gold Head Sleeper Goby (3)
Yellow Lined Snapper
Spotted Sweetlips
Purple Dottyback
Clown Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Sailfin Tang
Pink Tail Trigger
Black Bird Wrasse
Male Lime Green Wrasse
Female Lime Green Wrasse
Melanurus Wrasse
Paddlefin Wrasse
Moorish Idol

Discus (4)
Congo Tetras (27)
Sunset Platys (12)
Panda Cory Cats (20)
Koi (10)
Guppies (100)
Oscars (3)
Rams (6)
Cardinal Tetras (25)
Assorted Cory Cats (20)
Dojo Loaches (8)
Black Ghost Knives (3)
Starfire Red Barb (6)
Lyretail Guppy (2)
Delta Tail Betta (2)
Mono Argentus (2)
Black Moor Goldfish (3)
Female Assorted Guppy (10)
Figure Eight Puffer (2)
Male Assorted Guppy (5)
Coral and Display Invertebrates:

Bulb Anemone (4)
Purple Tube Anemone (3)
Cleaner Crew and Related Invertebrates:

Sea Hare Nudibranch (2)
Blue Linkia Star (3)
Globe Urchin
Trochus Snail (40)
Emerald Crab (5)
Anemone Crab
Arrow Crab (2)

09-28-2016, 03:05 PM
how big is the Navarchus Angel and how much....