View Full Version : THE LIST [New Freshwater and Saltwater Arrivals from 08.03]

Vets Pets
08-03-2016, 02:11 PM
Saltwater Fish:

Flame Angel
Black Back Butterfly
Lemon Peel Angel
Yellow Tail Poma Angel
Neon Velvet Damsel
Yellowtail Blue Damsel (5)
Diamond Goby (3)
Psychedelic Dragonet (2)
Scooter Blenny (3)
Marine Betta
Cleaner Wrasse (3)
Lunar Wrasse
Royal Gramma
Juvenile Emperor Angel
Auriga Butterfly
Black and White Heniochus
Percula Clown (3)
Saddleback Clown (3)
Banded Dragon Goby
Blue Mandarin Dragonet
Rock Blenny (2)
Yellow Line Whipfin
Purple Dottyback
Blonde Naso Tang
Powder Brown Tang
Sailfin Tang
Niger Trigger (5)
Moorish Idol (2)
Green Filefish

Green Scat (2)
Mono Argentus
Blue Asian Lobster
Ghost Shrimp (25)
Zebra Danio (25)
Feeder Goldfish (200)
Feeder Guppies (100)
Halfmoon Betta (6)
Figure Eight Puffer (3)
Balloon Rams (15)
Electric Blue Rams (6)
German Blue Rams (9)
Cardinal Tetras (25)
Paradise Fish (5)
Female Betta (5)
Veiltail Betta (7)
Coral and Display Invertebrates:

Bubble Anemone
Feather Duster (2)
Cleaner Crew and Related Invertebrates:

Tiger Shrimp (3)
Chocolate Chip Star (8)
Blue Linkia Star