View Full Version : THE LIST [New Freshwater and Saltwater Arrivals from 02.16]

Vets Pets
02-17-2016, 02:59 PM
Saltwater Fish:

Blue Damsel (5)
Green Chromis (15)
Yellowtail Blue Damsel (6)
Kupang Damsel (3)
Green Mandarin Dragonet
Rainford Goby
Moyer's Dragonet (6)
Yellow Watchman Goby
Yellow Tang (25)
Christmas Wrasse
Cleaner Wrasse (4)
Orange Back Fairy Wrasse (Male)
Peppermint Hog
Royal Gramma
Black Ocellaris (2)
Juvenile Blue Face Angel
Male Lyretail Anthias (2)
Orange Anthias
Square Pink Anthias
Auriga Butterfly
Copperband Butterfly
BiColor BLenny (2)
White Ray Prawn Goby
Fuzzy Dwarf Lion
Male Blonde Naso Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Bursa Trigger

African Ropefish (2)
Figure Eight Puffer (3
Leopard Puffer (3)
Green Scat
Male Crowntail Betta
Male Veiltail Betta (7)
Albino Pictus Catfish (10)
Jewel Cichlid
Red Crystal Shrimp (7)
Ghost Shrimp (50)
Blue Asian Lobster (2)
Amano Shrimp (6)
Tangerine Lobster
Black Lyretail Molly (9)
Otocinculus Cat (6)
Bristlenose Pleco (3)
Green Glofish Tetra (15)
Bleeding Heart Tetra (13)
Coral and Display Invertebrates:

Striped Mushroom
Marble Mushroom
Red Mushroom
Blueberry Gorgonian
Electric Scallop
Cleaner Crew and Similar Invertebrates:

Tiger Shrimp (2)
Chocolate Chip Starfish (6)
Harlequin Shrimp (2)
Peppermint Shrimp (25)
Turbo Snail (200)
Cortez Hermit (450)
Margarita Snail (200)
Trochus Snail (27)